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The album title  "Vibrations" is due to one of Ioan’s all time heroes, Nikola Tesla, who once said: ‘all in the universe is energy and all forms of energy are vibrations with their own frequency, so everything that’s around you, - not only what you hear, but what touch, see, feel or even ourselves - are vibrations with an specific frequency that make everything different and unique’


Following his inspiration, Ioan discovered Cymatics, the science that studies the way that sound vibrations impact in matter and how matter reacts to an specific sound or vibration.


It turns out that some sounds can make us happy, angry or even heal us, so this is the main reason the whole album is not tune to A = 440hz, but to 444Hz instead. As this theory holds, it is much better for the listener in many ways.


Vibrations is the first album as Ioan Gamboa, and during the productions work he has experimented and pushed himself out of his confort zone to dare with different sounds and track structures, trying to spread and sinthesize his own ‘Vibrations’.


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